Davies’s Judicial Reviews dismissed as “totally without merit”

Nigel Davies

Many of you will know that our Berry Hill Road lawyer filed two applications for Judicial Review of Adderbury Parish Council’s decisions concerning the Milton Road land and its related restrictive covenant.  I have just received notification from the Parish Council Proper Officer, Theresa Goss, that both applications have been dismissed.  The judge who considered the applications has refused them and, in a footnote to his decision, has stated his opinion that the application is “totally without merit; as well as now being wholly academic, the claim is in my judgement without any foundation at all“.

Below is a link to the judge’s decision on JR No 2.  It is clear from this that he has also dismissed JR No1 but the formal notice for JR No 1 is awaited and will be added to this blog when it is available.  It was always my personal view that this lawyer hoped to bully and intimidate the parish council into changing the restrictive covenant on the Milton Road land to suit the parish council minority group’s desire to abort the intentions of Cherwell District Council and the developers.  I am relieved that his tactics have not worked and I salute the courage of my fellow parish councillors in resisting this legal mumbo jumbo.

The one remaining concern is that the judge made no order for costs which means the parish council (in reality Adderbury Council Tax payers) may be unable to recover its costs from Mr Davies.  There is something wrong with our legal system if a JR application can be dismissed so comprehensively but the body complained about has to bear the costs (more than £5,000) without recourse.  Perhaps Mr Davies will be sufficiently contrite to offer the parish councils its costs but I don’t suppose any of us are holding our breath.

Before Mr Davies starts scratching his quill, I make the point that I write as an individual parish councillor and am not attempting to speak for the parish council as a whole.  However, the JR decision is a public document so I trust Mr Davies will put his quill back in its rack.

17_08_09 Davies JR No2 refusal


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Why are we paying for Channel Four?

We have much to value in our British Broadcasting Corporation so I can live with the concept of funding it through the licence fee.  I think it does its best to maintain an impartial stance on most issues although its impartiality can be hugely frustrating sometimes when it presents lunatic and, sometimes, dangerous views alongside the only logical approach in its quest for impartiality.  I think the BBC is biased in its approach to Brexit and is clearly siding with the establishment in regretting the democratic decision of the British people but I can live with that.

What I find increasingly infuriating is the public subsidy for Channel Four with its obvious left-wing bias.  Why is Channel Four allowed to operate with public funding but in a way

John Snow

that is so obviously politically biased?  You only need to watch for a short while any evening to realise that the producers have selected their interviewees on the basis of representing a left-wing view;  they have then discussed their position with them and it is obvious that the questions they put on air are to support the left-of-centre position of the contributors.  If the public subsidy of Channel Four is to continue, why should a similar sum not be paid to the Daily Telegraph and/or the Daily Mail?



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National trust has lost our trust

I resigned my membership of the National Trust when they took against hunting.  The recent fiasco concerning gay pride has not changed my mind.  Apparently, the National Trust is insisting that its guides at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk wear the Gay Pride rainbow badge when on duty.  They have been told they will not be allowed to work with the public if they refuse.  This is part of the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride programme which started when the Trust “outed” Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, a country squire who bequeathed Felbrigg Hall, his ancestral home near Cromer, to the Trust when he died in 1969.  Godchildren of the poet and historian demanded to know why the organisation had decided to make a film narrated by Stephen Fry which revealed that this “intensely private” man was gay.


Some Trust volunteers have apparently refused to wear the flag motif in protest at the Trust’s decision to “out” the late Mr Ketton-Cremer and it is also reported that members of the Trust are resigning in protest at this absurd and intrusive political correctness.  I hope a lot more members quit this organisation that has clearly lost its way.

I don’t mind what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home and I have no  problem with those friends and acquaintances who acknowledge their homosexuality or lesbianism.  However, I am with Mr Ketton-Cremer and I value the right to privacy greatly.  I think a person’s sexual preference should be a private and personal choice and I object strongly to the aggressive publicity promoted by the so-called “LGBT community”.  I always remember Tatchell climbing into the pulpit during a church service and interrupting the then Archbishop of Canterbury and I thought this was a disgrace.

So, well done to those NT guides who are protesting and to those members who are quitting. A shame for the NT which has a wonderful main purpose but the solution lies in the hands of the NT Chief Executive and trustees to get on with looking after historical grand properties and to avoid stupid political correctness.


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To all readers of the Campaign to Save Adderbury

The following is the contents of a leaflet pinned up around Adderbury.  I cannot provide the original but this is a faithful reproduction.

Congratulations to the author for their wit and integrity!

To all readers of the Campaign to Save Adderbury

Having followed this website for the last year or so, I was wondering if there was any interest in my fellow readers getting together to discuss the major issues and hold some workshops.

I would like to suggest that the following items be considered for inclusion:

  • What is the best “tin foil” to use when making hats to prevent Diane Bratt exercising her mind control over us?  Also, what is the best design to use eg is a beanie better than a Peter Pan design?
  • How much help can we give the editor of the web site in proving that the Adderbury Parish Council was complicit in the assassination of JFK and that the moon landings were faked?
  • How to convince most of the village that putting anything as common as Football near Horn Hill Road residents is utter madness?  Think of those poor councillors residents of Horn Hill and how they would suffer.

Please post our views and ideas on http://www.saveadderbury.co.uk to make us all help make Adderbury a better place.



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Adderbury to win literary recognition?

There is exciting news for at least one individual with literary ambitions in Adderbury.  There are rumours circulating that a certain Adderbury web site is to be listed for the Man Booker Prize.  This is a prestigious international award for outstanding works of fiction.  The winner receives a prize of £50,000 and runners-up receive £2,500 each.

Yes – you guessed it – the potential recipient has to be Save Adderbury for a work of fiction so outrageous and ridiculous as to be quite unbelievable if it were not in print here in North Oxfordshire.  One problem for the author might be his unwillingness to admit who he is but I guess the prospect of a £50,000 prize might persuade him to come from behind his veil of anonymity!

Of course, there could be a further problem because it does seem quite clear that he has several co-authors and he may well have to share the rewards of his prize with several close neighbours on the other side of the village.  If so, you can bet there will be quite a party in Horn Hill Road although the invitation list may be rather selective!

However, there may also be other good news for our Save Adderbury author.  A further rumour says that several scandal mags are keen to offer him a contract.   The Sun, The MirrorDaily Mail and Express are always keen to attract writers able to create scandalous headlines with no connection to reality providing they can increase circulation so our anonymous web site author from Lester Close may well be looking at a profitable future.

Before our lawyer in Berry Hill Road starts sharpening his quill pen, let me make it quite clear that I blog as an individual and not as a member of Adderbury Parish Council.  He is the author of five complaints to Cherwell District Council, one of which ran to 668 pages and must make him an author with the tenacity of JK Rowling whose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ran to a similar length although I doubt it has quite the literary merit of Rowling or the gripping intensity!


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Our Brexit negotiator

I bet some Americans are wishing they were under the British Crown again rather than Twittering Trump!

If our Queen was 20 years younger, I would be pressing for her to manage the Brexit negotiations.  She is wiser and older than any of May’s team and would do a grand job for our country.  However, in her nineties, I think it would be asking too much.

Now, if Corby was threatening to become the Prime Minister, I really would worry.  I do not have a current passport because I am waiting until I can hold a proper blue British passport from her Britannic Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs.  If Corbyn became PM, I would not want to remain in a country doomed to economic failure so it would be apply for a passport at speed and work out where would be closest to what used to be GB or press for a non-constitutional monarchy with HM Queen running the country.  She would be a lot safer pair of hands than the dreaded Marxist Corbyn.

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Oh joy – humour in Adderbury!

I understand the poster below has been pinned in strategic positions round the village.  I am delighted to discover we have a villager with a lovely sense of humour and who is brave enough to face the wrath of a few Horn Hill Road residents and the legal quill of our lawyer in Berry Hill Road.  As the recipient of two judicial reviews and four complaints from this lawyer, I welcome this contribution to village debate.  However, I will not be parking our Smart car in Horn Hill Road – certainly not smart enough for this area!

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