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Finding fanatacism

I suppose it is human nature to desire a scapegoat, someone to blame, for every failing in society.  Thus, questions are being asked about MI5 and our security services more generally and their ability to keep us safe.  Given the … Continue reading

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Funding fanatacism

I am always curious by what is not reported following major news stories like the barbarism in Woolwich as much as by what is reported.  I am intrigued to understand how the perpetrators (I suppose I should say the alleged … Continue reading

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Barbarism will not win

It is difficult to know where to begin in responding to the news of that barbaric act in Woolwich yesterday. Here are some random thoughts. If the perpetrators thought their actions would cowe or frighten this nation, they don’t know … Continue reading

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Oxford Child abuse – was PC to blame?

The abuse of young white Oxford women by Asian men is horrifying and baffling. I had determined not to comment because my knowledge of this while I was Leader is not large. However, I am struck by the silence surrounding … Continue reading

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Driven crazy

I see that Anthony Stansfeld, Police & Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley is being criticised for using a car and driver to transport him around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire while carrying out his official duties. I had … Continue reading

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Getting in touch

After an extended ‘phone conversation with a lady in Calcutta, a BT engineer called today, climbed his ladder and fixed the temporary loss of  my landline and my broadband in half an hour.  Good service after a shaky start with … Continue reading

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Something to celebrate

Oxfordshire County Council meets tomorrow for its Annual Meeting.  I shall be a long way away and not overly worried about matters except for a little lingering interest and some real pride in meetings that follow the main County Council. … Continue reading

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