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The delightful irony of politics

Although I have forsaken any real involvement in national political life, I do enjoy the ironies that come with politics.  The best irony I have seen for years is the relative positions of the Conservative and Labour parties.  It was always … Continue reading

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Let Blair blather …

People are getting exercised about ex-PM Tony Blair calling on people to change their minds about membership of the European Union and to hold a second referendum. I am very relaxed about Mr Blair’s blather, in fact I welcome his … Continue reading

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Green Belt – friend or foe?

The Green Belt has been with us for more than 60 years.  Its evolution can be traced back to 1935 when the Greater London Regional Planning Committee proposed its establishment around London to prevent our capital simply growing outwards. The … Continue reading

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Open doors

We have had several lots of workmen at our home recently and they have all exhibited a single interesting characteristic.  They were all congenitally incapable of closing a door behind them.  This applied to the door by which they entered … Continue reading

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