Boris has got it dead right


imageWhat is all the fuss about?  Women in burkas do look odd, frightening and like post boxes.  If they choose to go about like that, I would not stop them but I and Boris have the right to say what their appearance signifies to us and, I suspect, to the vast majority of the UK population.

I resigned my Conservative Party membership at the beginning of this year after Heseltine’s outburst suggesting Corbyn as PM would be less worse than leaving the EU HeseltineM3and I no longer recognise the Party I have supported and been a member of almost all of my adult life.  Theresa May has swallowed a huge dose of political correctness and is steering us towards remaining in the dreaded and dreadful European Union.  She is also guilty of bashing enterprise and the free economy and of swallowing the equalities agenda and all the extreme nonsense of LGBT propaganda.

vote-leaveCome on Boris, time we had a Prime Minister with Churchillian and Thatcherite tendencies again.  The country is in danger, different to the threat of Hitler and the Nazis and different to the threat of the union barons that Margaret faced and conquered but we are in danger and we need some real leadership to take us through it.

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Another monstrous carbuncle

I am sorry to see another monstrous carbuncle blotting our rural landscape.  I refer to the Barwood Homes site on the Banbury Road close to the traffic lights.  I was stunned when the developers of the Milton Road houses called the site “Adderbury Fields” as if determined to rub in to residents their theft of more green fields but I am learning that developers have no public sensitivity when Barwood Homes can describe their development as “Meadow View”.  Their site and, particularly, the block of flats that is looming out of the highest part of it is blocking the delightful view of meadow land that residents on the Banbury Road opposite had enjoyed for many years.  In any case, we already have a Meadow View in Adderbury so their nomenclature is potentially confusing and wrong.

We should not blame Cherwell planners for this carbuncle.  They refused the application but it was granted by an inspector on appeal.  Why the developers chose to build a block of flats on the highest and most visible part of the site baffles me.  The people living in the houses on the other side of the road must be furious.  I certainly would be.

This is one of a line of monstrous carbuncles.  I regret permission was given for the Gracewell home in its position close to the old Greenhill House site.  Coming into Adderbury from Banbury, we see these large, urban-style blocks of brickwork, first the Gracewell Home, then the flats built where the Leonard Cheshire Home used to be and now, this block of flats poking out of what used to be fine meadow land.  It is just too sad and Cherwell is to blame for the Gracewell and Greenhill developments.

On the other side of the village, on the north of the Milton Road, we have Clockmakers’ Turn built almost all in red brick, contrary to the strong recommendation of Adderbury Parish Council and another blot inflicted by Cherwell planners.  Coming into the village from the Milton Road, we see an urban-style estate that spoils the initial impression of our fine old ironstone village.  At the other end of the Milton Road, the development on the north side has the same effect of urbanisation for Bloxham and was contrary to the wishes of the Bloxham Parish Council.

Planners, local and national, have a lot to answer for.

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The balloon goes up

I felt deeply ashamed to be English during the visit of the President of the United States to our country.  Regardless of who fills the office, we owe it to the office of that great country to pay respect and the sight of the howling mob in Woodstock, London and in Scotland as well as scattered across other parts of the United Kingdom was, in my view, an utter disgrace.

To hear all of the tripe directed at Donald Trump made me quite nauseous and I was disappointed that the BBC chose to make so much of it.  Media reporting only adds to the hype and probably encourages more of the scruffy left-wingers to ease themselves out of their comfortable chairs, put down their benefit giros, grab their protest banners and take to the streets.  However, the BBC’s coverage was as nothing when compared with the TV equivalent of the Morning Star.  I mean, of course, Channel Four news.

I had quietly hoped that the US secret service would have a marksman in Westminster with a small calibre rifle to take a pot-shot at the nasty balloon.  It deserved to be deflated in public as a nasty and tasteless form of protest.  However, I suspect a sense of decorum and concern for public safety prevailed!

If I had any consolation it was tinged with regret that the President’s visit had not been timed for the hunting season when it would have given the hunt antis a difficult decision as to whether to protest at lawful hunt activity or the visit of the President of the USA!

A minority of mainly left-leaning agitators has brought disgrace on our country but it is inevitable in a country that promotes freedom of speech under the law.  Just think what would have happened to the protestors if they lived in China or Russia and chose to take to the streets in opposition to government policy there!

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Save Adderbury – A poetic contribution …

I publish a  contribution from a local resident who lives, I think, to the west of the Sor Brook.  While perhaps not the height of literary excellence, I thought it worth an airing.

Oh to be in Adderbury now that summer’s here 
When the cuckoo and the idiots do both appear.
With cries of “no” to this and “definitely no” to that 
They know not where to throw their hat. 
Having been rejected by the electorate 
Democracy has let them down since they did not prevail 
Could it be that their message was lost in the mail?
While we are raising funds for library, school and steeple
So therefore have but little time for small minded people.

With apologies to Robert Browning and the Morris Men


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Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

Results of the Adderbury Neighbourhood
Planning Referendum:

In answer to the question: “Do you Do you want Cherwell District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Adderbury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Number cast in favour of a YES: 651
Number cast in favour of a NO:    58
Turnout 29.8%
More than half of those voting HAVE voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan

A pretty conclusive result with strong support for the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan which includes development of the Milton Road site with a community facility and sports pitches.  Taken with the result of the Parish Poll last year, the village has indicated a clear direction of travel.

As previously stated and before any lawyers start to sharpen their quill pens and frame legal actions, I should state that my blog is written solely as an individual parishioner and does not seek to represent the views of any Adderbury body or institution.

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Voting in Adderbury Referendum on Thursday 21-Jun – Why Bother?

All Adderbury electors should have received a Polling Card for them to vote in a Referendum on the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan.  It is on Thursday 21-Jun-18 from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm at the Methodist Church Hall.  This is a relatively new idea, intended to strengthen local democracy and to enable local communities to influence planning policies and decisions.

A huge amount of work has been put into developing the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan and it has successfully been pulled, pushed and hauled through all of the bureaucratic hoops except this final one which is down to Adderbury voters. It is important for the Referendum to be well supported and, I am clear it needs to give clear and resounding support to the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan will not prevent all development in Adderbury but it will strengthen the case for development that maintains the quality of Adderbury’s architecture and respects the environment.  The Plan includes a number of areas where development should be refused and we should surely all welcome this?

There does seem to be a movement from a few to reject the Plan for the sole reason that they hope it will prevent development at Milton Road.  This is surely the wrong reason for voting against a Plan that will protect all of the village, resist undesirable development and protect key sites within the village?  It feels like the House of Lords seeking to prevent Brexit despite the will of the people and, more locally, like a re-run of last year’s Parish Poll in in which the village voted decisively to support development of a community facility and sports pitches at Milton Road.  The Referendum is an opportunity to reaffirm that decision but it is much more than that, providing Adderbury with some positive planning guidelines and seeking to protect the village from future blots on the landscape.

If you want to learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan before voting on Thursday, here are two links that might help:

A short statement about the Plan

A link to the Plan on Cherwell District Council web site.

The Referendum asks the following question:

‘Do you want Cherwell District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Adderbury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

I hope you will take the time to go to the Polling station and to vote YES.

Before any lawyers start sharpening their quill pens and framing legal actions, I should state that my blog is written solely as an individual parishioner and does not seek to represent the views of any Adderbury body or institution.

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Channel Four the Propaganda Channel

We generally watch the BBC national news at 6:00 pm and the Oxford news at 6:30 pm.  Increasingly politically correct, I fear and clearly pro-EU and anti-Brexit but, otherwise, fairly reliable for balance and objectivity.

The same cannot be said of Channel Four which follows.  I am afraid, this is the only alternative to the dreadful One Show which seems to feature badly dressed and, often, badly spoken nonentities from the worlds of drama, music and sport.  However, I would challenge Channel Four’s designation as a news programme.  It is not.  It is left-wing political propaganda where the questions are fed to mainly left-wingers to elicit the pro-Corby answer Channel Four wants people to hear.  We have had the Windrush issue for three nights running now as if nothing else had happened in the world.

It is time Channel Four News was re-classified as a party political broadcast for the Labour Party because that is all it is.  At least we would be limited to a maximum of 4 minutes 40 seconds!

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