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Oh joy – humour in Adderbury!

I understand the poster below has been pinned in strategic positions round the village.  I am delighted to discover we have a villager with a lovely sense of humour and who is brave enough to face the wrath of a … Continue reading

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Adderbury says YES

Tonight’s Parish Poll voted YES to including football in any plans for use of the land given to the parish council on the north side of Milton Road.  The non-question posed by opponents to development of the Milton Road land … Continue reading

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Something in the water …

After 25 years in local politics, I have seen my share of skulduggery and low cunning although I have seen no evidence of the corruption that members of the media and public like to assume goes hand-in-hand with political debate, particularly … Continue reading

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Meeting Adderbury’s needs

Walking Coco in Adderbury at lunch time on Tuesday 28 March, a resident called across to me to say “you have two hours of hell tonight”.  He was referring to the Parish Council meeting and it was actually two and … Continue reading

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Green Belt – friend or foe?

The Green Belt has been with us for more than 60 years.  Its evolution can be traced back to 1935 when the Greater London Regional Planning Committee proposed its establishment around London to prevent our capital simply growing outwards. The … Continue reading

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