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What price a picture?

Auctions of works of art frequently make the headlines for the astonishing price collectors are prepared to pay for a masterpiece.  These are usually paintings or sculptures but photographs have been known to attract large price tickets where the subject … Continue reading

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Update on Adderbury Parish Council Judicial Reviews

It has taken a very long time for the Court system to spit out the formal rejection of our Berry Hill Road lawyer’s first Judicial Review.  Now we have copies of the two rejections, I am attaching them at the … Continue reading

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Davies’s Judicial Reviews dismissed as “totally without merit”

Many of you will know that our Berry Hill Road lawyer filed two applications for Judicial Review of Adderbury Parish Council’s decisions concerning the Milton Road land and its related restrictive covenant.  I have just received notification from the Parish Council Proper … Continue reading

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Adderbury to win literary recognition?

There is exciting news for at least one individual with literary ambitions in Adderbury.  There are rumours circulating that a certain Adderbury web site is to be listed for the Man Booker Prize.  This is a prestigious international award for … Continue reading

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Oh joy – humour in Adderbury!

I understand the poster below has been pinned in strategic positions round the village.  I am delighted to discover we have a villager with a lovely sense of humour and who is brave enough to face the wrath of a … Continue reading

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