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Here we go again …..

I see Adderbury is being threatened with the holding of another Parish Poll.  You may remember the last one, instigated by residents from Horn Hill Road and the surrounding area and which sought to oppose the development of recreation and … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies and statistics

The quote that forms the title of this blog was made popular by Mark Twain but attributed  to Benjamin Disraeli, among others.  It seems to be applicable to the traffic calming debate in Adderbury. While there is no doubt there … Continue reading

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Oh joy – humour in Adderbury!

I understand the poster below has been pinned in strategic positions round the village.  I am delighted to discover we have a villager with a lovely sense of humour and who is brave enough to face the wrath of a … Continue reading

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Focus on Adderbury

I knew serving on Adderbury Parish Council was going to be challenging but I am still struggling to come to terms with the sheer nastiness I have witnessed since my election. The latest example is a leaflet being delivered around … Continue reading

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Parish pump puzzler

I rarely get excited about parish pump politics (small “p”) but I am interested to see the make-up of Adderbury’s next parish council.  I can talk about the make-up before the elections on 5 May 2016 because Adderbury Parish Council … Continue reading

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